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Elegant teardrop design in the special Aroma edition! Perfect for your Christmas outfit, everyday life or just relaxing on the couch. Your Pandala knee-highs are a fashion eye-catcher, bringing color and joy to your everyday life and reducing swelling and fatigue in your legs at the same time. Ideal for daily use, travel, pregnancy and long working days.
Essential oils are known for their beneficial effects on health. In a diffuser, we like the smell of lavender, orange or lemon. But from a holistic point of view, the use of essential oils, in addition to compression stockings, should also be considered to prevent or relieve disorders related to venous disease.
This special edition includes a trial pack of an essential oil.
Auf die Wunschliste
Auf die Wunschliste
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Cotton compression stockings, Graduated compression class 1, 15-21mmHg.

Material: 54% Cotton, 40% Polyamide, 6% Elastane