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Straight L Crew Blue breeze

16,70  incl. VAT

Stylish design for warmer days! These Funq Wear organic cotton socks bring a summer breeze to your home and go with any outfit. Funq Wear styles offer a roomy toe area for increased comfort. The compression around the ankle up to the calf increases blood circulation and prevents swelling in the legs. This leads to a better feeling of well-being and gives your legs more energy. The single waistband provides optimal support without constricting.

They are perfect for travelers, expectant mothers, people who sit or stand for long periods at work and for anyone who appreciates the benefits of attractive, preventive and therapeutic legwear. Ideal for everyday use, all year round.

Auf die Wunschliste
Auf die Wunschliste
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Modern graduated compression socks, class A, 11-14mmHg. These organic cotton calf-high socks support vein health and are appreciated for their colorful design and high comfort. They are perfect for travelers, expectant mothers, and those who have desk jobs or stand a lot at work. Ideal for everyday use, all year round. Ideal for warmer days.


  • Graduated compression, which means higher pressure around the ankle that decreases toward the top of the garment
  • Good stretch, single waistband
  • Reinforced heels and toes
  • Roomy toe area
  • Easy to put on and comfortable fit
  • The socks are knitted from GOTS certified organic cotton of the highest quality

Material: 55%organic cotton, 30% polyamide, 15% elastane