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For everyday use

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Our busy lives often force us to sit or stand for several hours, only to struggle with the consequences at the end of a long day: poor blood circulation and heavy, tired legs.

The benefit of support socks in everyday life – i.e. while traveling by car or plane, while sitting or standing at work, or even after a long day of regeneration at home in the evening – is often underestimated. Improved blood circulation during the day plays just as important a role as the regenerative effect because, unlike other methods such as massages or ice baths, our legs can regenerate without the need to spend any additional time – simply by wearing these socks even after the strain on our legs has passed. Whether after work or sports, time-optimized regeneration brings certain advantages to everyone.

Our colorful range is a clear success if you don’t want to compromise on fashion, function and fit. You can either use them every day or on your travels.
Our compression socks are made of natural fibers such as cotton or bamboo with contents of up to 50 – 54% to achieve the best possible breathability and comfort.

Both cotton and bamboo are not only breathable, but also durable fibers. In addition, our Pandala support socks contain 6% spandex, which ensures a unique fit.

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