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Funq Wear


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With the new Funq®Wear collection we now offer even more comfort for your legs! The compression socks and support stockings are knitted from organic cotton of the highest quality. In addition a spacious toe area and a simple waistband ensure maximum comfort. And the best: all these advantages also come in stylish and modern, colorful designs.

Our organic models are made exclusively from GOTS certified organic cotton. GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is a standard for the processing of organically produced natural fibers and contains both high environmental requirements and extensive social criteria.

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The advantages at a glance
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The socks are knitted from GOTS-certifiied organic cotton of the hightest quality.

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More toe freedom & Soft finish: The Funq Wear models in our portfolio offer your toes more space and a single waistband for added comfort.

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Calf socks for sports or warm days: good hold on the calf without constricting – ideal even for strong calves.

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