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Our selection of support socks and tights for moms-to-be offers a collection with a focus on both quality and fashion. All our models from the “Everyday use” and “Pregnancy” categories offer great support during and after your pregnancy.

Wearing support socks or tights during and after pregnancy has many advantages, because this is the time in which general leg issues or varicose veins occur relatively frequently. Your blood volume and blood pressure increase during pregnancy, which affects blood flow and can lead to swelling, fatigue and varicose veins in your legs. From as early as the 20th week of pregnancy, a great amount of pressure is exerted on the abdominal vein while lying down and especially while standing. This leads both to decreased venous blood return and to an accumulation in the legs.*

Our support socks and tights exert graduated pressure from the ankle and along the leg that improves blood circulation from the lowest part of the body and back to the heart. Wearing our Compression Class 1 support socks or tights counteracts the problem of swelling and fatigue in the legs, letting you experience significant improvement and more well-being in everyday life.

Wearing support socks is also recommended after pregnancy, as supporting venous return flow is particularly important during this time.*
All our support tights for moms-to-be contain a large amount of 23% spandex, providing unique fit and comfort with a material that adapts to the shape and movement of your body.

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