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Endurance Ultra-light navy

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Ideal for the summer! Our FunqWear compression socks increase your performance and well-being during and after sports. The super-thin functional fiber gives a second skin feeling, is particularly breathable and fast drying. The light compression stabilizes the muscles and supplies them optimally with oxygen. This counteracts tired and stiff muscles, reduces muscle soreness and accelerates your regeneration.

Perfect for indoor and outdoor training in any climate or for recovery after training.

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Auf die Wunschliste
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Ultra-light FunqWear compression socks with 10-15 mmHg. The super-thin functional fiber Nilit Breeze gives a second skin feeling, is particularly air permeable and fast drying.


  • Light compression around the instep
  • Soft finish without elastic to avoid chafing against the skin
  • Comfortable elasticity and extra soft feel against the skin
  • Super thin, fast drying functional fibers
  • Functional fiber Nilit Breeze Cool Comfort keeps body temperature cool on the feet

Material: 52% polyamide nilit breeze, 40% polyamide, 8% elastane